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Mallorca Sense Fam, an association declared to be of Public Utility, can issue the donation certificate, provided that the donor's name and surnames are indicated on the payment or transfer and the tax information is provided through:

COLONYA · Caixa de Pollença: IBAN ES33 2056 0004 4210 0056 2825

CAIXABANK · "la Caixa": IBAN ES52 2100 0972 9902 0030 7062

Bizum: Códe 04523 (It is only available in banks with Bizum for donations)


Tax deductions for donations to an NGO:

Individuals (IRPF): tax base limit deduction 10%

Up to €150 donation: 80%.

Rest of donations from €150: 35%.

Corporate Tax: deduction base limit payable: 10%.

General donations: 35%

Recurring donations: 40%.

January 2022